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Archive for the ‘speculum insertion’ Category

Army Girl has a Pelvic Exam

Being accepted into the Army isn’t as easy as it use to be and this hot blonde babe is about to find that out the hard way. She has to strip off every stitch of clothing and spread those legs wide for a not to gentle pelvic exam and that speculum insertion has her rethinking her decision to enlist. The female doctor gives her a rectal exam as well as a breast exam. By the time it’s over there isn’t a spot on her body that hasn’t been poked and probed, and you can watch every minute of this chick’s extreme physical.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Shy Ema’s First Pelvic Exam

Ema is a shy blonde that was in for her first pelvic exam and she had no clue what to expect. Poor girl had no idea that the doctor she was going to see was one sick pussy physician that loved coming up with all kinds of wild and twisted things he could do to girls twats. This hottie gets her first speculum insertion and even a pussy milk enema as well as his fingers exploring her pink folds. She takes it all like a trooper but this innocent blonde will certainly think twice about visiting this gyno doc again for a bizarre pelvic examination.

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Boyfriend Shocked at his Girlfriend’s Pelvic Exam

When this guy agreed to go with his girlfriend to the doctor for a special examination that included a rectal exam and pelvic exam, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As soon as they entered the room this hot little redhead was told to strip down to nothing but a smile. But she wasn’t doing much smiling once the female rectal examination started and her boyfriend helped hold her ass cheeks apart for the doc. She endured a breast exam with lots of squeezing then spread her legs wide open for a speculum insertion that made her man smile

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Teen Cutie Gabina Is Having a Pelvic Exam

Gabina is a teen hottie that is visiting the doctors office for a routine pelvic exam but this chick is going to get a lot more then she bargained for from this twisted and naughty twat doctor. He orders her to get naked and even gives her a hand taking off her clothes. She is a little humiliated when he puts her through some rectal thermometer punishment but that is nothing compared to the look on her cute face when she experiences the speculum insertion. You will enjoy the up close and personal view you get of this sweet teen pussy.

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Hot Blond’s Pelvic Exam Makes Her Walk Wierd

This shapely blonde might be walking funny for a while after getting put through this wicked military pelvic exam and physical. They doctor checks out her blood pressure and when she goes to take her temp, the blonde is surprised that the thermometer isn’t going in her mouth but in her sweet tight rear end. Once the rectal thermometer punishment is done it’s time for the speculum insertion so the doc gets a real close look inside that pretty pink pussy. You are going to love watching this blonde’s pelvic examination as she gets all of her tasty holes probed.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Twisted Gyno Doc and a Painful Rectal Exam

You assume you can trust a doctor but this twisted gyno doc is a pretty nasty guy that loves invading those tight pussies and stretching them to their limits with his instruments and fingers. Redhead hottie Claudia is about to find that out when she goes to him for a physical and pelvic exam. He uses his fingers to open her pussy until she thinks she is going to split in two. She has never had a pelvic examination that includes a speculum insertion and the rectal exam has this chick ready to grab her clothes and run as fast as she can.

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Special Fringe Benefits of being a Pelvic Exam Doc

Being a doctor certainly has its perks especially when it means you get to give a hardcore pelvic exam and rectal exam to hot redheaded coeds. She was told that this physical examination was thorough but you can tell by the look on her pretty face she was a bit shocked when it included an embarrassing gyno speculum insertion. This doc has her strip bare ass naked then spreads her legs wide and probes her deep with his fingers and his instruments. Watching that pussy stretched wide will have your instrument ready for some serious insertion and ready to blow your load.

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Cute Blond Sam is Shocked at her Pelvic Exam

Sam is a cute blonde that any red blooded guy would love to get his hands on and do naughty things to her tight pussy but it’s this nasty gyno doctor that gets the honors. She goes in for a pelvic exam and ends up with a speculum insertion and female rectal examination that has her squirming. The bizarre pussy doc has her get on her hands and knees while he opens her twat wide and looks inside using a flashlight to see better. This is a pelvic and breast exam video that will have your dick dancing in your boxers and wanting.

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Wild Pelvic Exam to Search for Booty

Uh oh, looks like this sexy little blonde babe got caught bringing something through customs that the custom officials didn’t appreciate so they found it necessary to do an extreme cavity search. They take their job very seriously and they don’t miss checking out each one of her hot holes and enjoying every minute of the pussy torture. This is beyond any pelvic exam as they strip her out of her clothes so they can show her what rectal thermometer punishment is like before holding her legs apart for a speculum insertion so they can see deep inside her juicy pink twat.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Twisted Doctor examines Sweet Ema’s Tight Pussy

Sweet blonde Ema is ready to get her pelvic exam and this twisted doc is going to take full advantage of her pink pussy in ways Ema never dreamed of. This is one pelvic examination video that you won’t want to miss out on seeing as this tight pussy babe gets a speculum insertion that has her cunt spread wide enough to see inside and you can also see her squirm as this bizarre gyno doctor probes her pink with his fingers and explores her deep. He even gives her pussy a milk enema and you can see all the sick hardcore action.

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