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Archive for the ‘pelvic exam’ Category

Extreme Pelvic Exam for Manuela

Manuela is a lovely Cuban babe that goes in for a routine pelvic exam. What she doesn’t know is her appointment is with one kinky fucker that loves invading and stretching hot pussy. He has her take off all of her clothes so her big tits are bare and he can get a good look at her dark skin and trimmed twat. Once he has her on the exam table he spreads her legs wide for a speculum insertion that has her a little embarrassed at the extreme invasion. This is one pelvic examination video you won’t want to miss.

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Rough Speculum Insertion

Who knew female military doctors could be so brutal when giving pelvic examinations but this cute skinny blonde is about to get the most embarrassing and extreme pelvic exam of her life complete with speculum insertion that has her gasping for air. Not only does she get her shaved pussy probed but she also gets a taste of rectal thermometer punishment. As if all that isn’t enough to make her want to accept a dishonorable discharge, she gets the added humiliation of the doctors male assistant holding her in position and spreading her long legs while the doctor probes her twat.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Tough Blond Melts During Pelvic Exam

Perfect military material, this blonde hottie thought she was a pretty tough chick and could deal with most any situation that came her way. But she had no idea that this physical was more thorough then anything she could have imagined including a deeply probing pelvic exam with speculum insertion, a female rectal examination and a breast exam that would have her gasping. She spread her long slender legs just like the doctor ordered but the look on her face was not a look of joy when she saw what the doc was holding and planned on using on her pussy.

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Brunette has an Pelvic Exam for Work

This titillating vixen needs to have a full physical for work. Her new employer chose the doctor so she had no idea what to expect when she arrived at his offices. Once she was ushered into his exam room she began to sweat and get nervous. She hated having her pussy spread open and when that speculum insertion happened she clinched up and it began to hurt quite a lot. No matter what the good doctor said or did she just couldn’t relax. She was actually relieved when he finished by giving her a breast exam, and when he signed her release papers she released a sigh of release and left quickly.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Pussy getting Destroyed by a Speculum Insertion

If you like getting up close and personal views of tight pussy then this speculum insertion video is just what the doctor ordered. At least this kinky doctor sure likes ordering pelvic exams that include speculum insertion and throwing in an invasive rectal exam that has this blonde squirming will put a smile on your face. The doctor has the patient strip naked and lean back on the exam table spreading her legs wide. Her sweet holes are open and at the mercy of this sadistic physician and you can see this hot blonde get the pelvic examination of her life.

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Red-headed Twat invaded in a Pelvic Exam

Redhead Denisa isn’t a shy girl but even this chick was surprised at the wild and bizarre pelvic exam that this pussy doctor put her through. He had her strip down to nothing but bare skin before having her bend over and spreading her ass cheeks for some rectal thermometer punishment. When it was time to check that pussy out he had her on her back, long legs spread wide open. The speculum insertion had this chick looking uncomfortable and totally humiliated but she held it in while this nasty pussy doc got a great up close view of her cunt.

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Terrified Teen gets a Pelvic Exam

Watch this scared sexy girl get a real workout during a pelvic exam. The doctor tries to calm her down by sticking his big tool in between her juicy pussy lips. He gave her pussy a speculum insertion during her pelvic exam and when he did those big brown eyes widened. He made sure that he gave her a full breast exam as well and when he didn’t find any lumps they were both relieved. After her first pelvic exam was finished this teen was so happy that she jumped off the table and out of the room with her clothes in her hand. I don’t think she will rush back soon to visit the doctor’s office!

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Cry baby cadet gets a pelvic exam

Watch as the mean doctor gives another new recruit some pain and torture during her medical exam to get into the military. This rough bitch really works over this sweet young girls holes by exploring them with her probing fingers and even giving her a female rectal exam. How weird is that? Not very, but to this shy sweet girl, it is pure torture and she just knows that this bitch is going to begin rectal thermometer punishment as well. At the end of her exam it Is noted that this cadet has perfect perky tits, a tight pussy, but a sweet asshole that is graded “a” for excellent.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Career army doctor examines a new cadet

Once again we find a new girl ready to join the armed forces, and of course she will need to have her body examined before she is approved for service. She is no stranger to pelvic exams, but she has never had another person in the room with her. She was also not prepared for the breast exam or to have her tight ass invaded by what she feels is rectal thermometer punishment. By the end of this physical this cute, tight, brunette is moaning and sore from head to toe from all her holes being explored by less than careful hands. The good news is that she passed and now her body can be abused getting fit for duty!

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Complete Pelvic Exam for a Job Applicant

When this sexy blonde babe with her tight body went to apply for a job, she had no idea the physical examination was going to be so thorough complete with deep probing pelvic exam and speculum insertion. She wasn’t real happy to hear she had to have a female rectal examination but this hottie took it like a trooper. Best part of this babe getting fully naked and having an extreme pelvic exam and physical is that there is a camera in the room and you get to see all the probing and hole invasion she is forced to endure.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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