Blond Cadet gets a Pelvic Exam after Recruiting

This blond honey wanted to join the military and serve her country. She was feeling pretty proud of herself until she hit the exam table. As she was laying there with her legs spread she wondered what her pussy had to do with her military career. She is no stranger to pelvic exams, but didn’t think that a pelvic examination was included in her military physical. When she looks up again she sees that she is being filmed and that some sort of speculum insertion video is being created, which really makes her freak out. It’s a good thing her military doctor is in a hurry to shove that speculum in and out, because this new recruit is ready to hit the doors and dash out.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Two New Female Recruits Get a Long Physical

After signing up these two fresh recruits are taken to the medical section of the base for their physicals. They laugh and giggle on the way, happy that they are young and alive. It doesn’t take them long to begin frowning once they reach the medical ward and told to strip down and spread those legs soldier. First one then another gets stripped, searched with a speculum as the other watches shocked, and terrified for her turn. Those pink pussies look amazing to these doctors and both girls pass their pelvic exams and physicals. It’s time to work hard in the army girls!

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Blond’s First Time Pelvic Examination

Can you believe a banging blond like this one has never had a full physical? Her mother pushes her into making an appointment so here she is at the drs office waiting for her first pelvic exam. She stand before the doctor in her naked glory as he takes notes and then has her hop onto the exam table. She spreads her legs and he inserts his speculum to check out her inner pink. She has no idea that this doctor is a pervert and making a private collection of gyno speculum examination videos. If she did, she’d be embarrassed and shocked by the good doctor’s behavior.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Total Humiliation during a Pelvic Exam

When this brunette made an emergency appointment at the gynecologists she was ashamed and embarrassed, but she had to go. Once she arrived and stripped out of her clothing while explaining her dilemma to the doctor, he asked if he could create a pelvic examination video. He said he wanted a video to show his students. Her humiliation is doubled now as she lies down on the table for her pelvic exam. He slowly pushes in his special tongs and retrieves her lost tampon as the camera rolls and captures it all on film.

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Anything for the Swim Team even a nasty Pelvic Exam

This hot blond loves to swim and she really enjoys winning her competitions as part of the swim team. However, this year the swim team expects her to have a physical before attending any meets this year. She doesn’t mind she gets a yearly physical anyway, but she is a bit surprised to find out that it includes a pelvic exam. This nasty doctor has her doing calisthenics and then spreads her legs wide for a speculum insertion. He finds this trim and athletic girl to be in good health and sends her on her way with a clean bill of health, and a secret pelvic exam video for himself.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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This Blond Doesn’t Have Much Fun at her Gyno Exam

This naughty blond wants to be in the movies and she is willing to do anything to get there. When she read an ad for a spot in medical demonstration video she jumped on the phone and was told to come and audition. She has no idea that they will be making a gyno examination video until she arrives and is told to strip down. It finally dawns on her that her sweet shaved pussy is being shot by a video camera, and she blushes furiously as the doctor fingers her twat and stuffs in that cold speculum.

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Amazing pelvic exam photo gallery!

This is a great collection of pelvic exam videos that were shot when a cute and toned blond headed into the doctors off for a routine physical. She just landed the best job in the world, but they want to make sure she is healthy and drug free. She expected a normal workup that included blood tests, but nothing prepared her for the speculum insertion or the rough pelvic exam that she received. This pretty blond couldn’t wait to rush out of her doctor’s office and back home to take a hot shower and wash off the dirty feeling this pelvic exam left her with.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Nervous Teen at her First Gyno Exam

Everyone is nervous when they go to the doctor’s office, but when it is your first gyno exam you are extra freaked out. Today is this hot babe’s first pelvic exam alone without mom being there. She is super nervous. As she walks in the lady doctor has her camera hidden in the wall and she turns it on right before she begins. She has a private collection of pelvic exam videos that she shares with other doctors and friends. You will love watching her make this cute blond squirm as she inserts a speculum and fingers her pussy during her first pelvic exam alone.

pelvic exam

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Look is Dr. Bizarre in another set of Pelvic Exam Pictures!

f you are a gyno freak then you will really enjoy this set of pictures featuring the good doctor. I wonder what he will do this time around! Everytime we see this nasty doctor, he has a gleem in his eyes, we know that he loves to look at pretty girl’s pussies, and stretch them out during his speculum insertions. Today he gets to finger a hot blond with a shaved pussy. That pussy is so tight he has a hard time inserting his finger and that cold speculum, but he gets it done and with a twinkle in his eye.

speculum insertionspeculum insertion
speculum insertionspeculum insertion

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Humiliation, Pelvic Exams, and Cum Blasts

Wow what a trio! I bet you never thought you’d see those three things in one great set of pictures and videos. This cute girl and horny guy are medical students. They are taking heavy classes in anatomy, physical bio, and today they get a field trip into a real doctor’s office. They are a bit depressed that the doctor isn’t present, but once the head nurse tells them what to do and how to perform a gyno exam along with showing that cute girl how to test a man’s ball sack, jerk him off for a sperm sample they are both to freaked out and humiliated to really care.

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